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internet operational readiness level of
  art/group olga

very honoured visitor, very honoured visitor. they are on the Internet operational readiness level side of the art/group olga. this side follows not the common neokapitalistischen compulsory exploitation and represents therefore no sales and representation, but rather an operational readiness level and an information platform. the organization of the side is consciously simply held, in order to form a resting against pole to ever faster the turning marketing spiral and a concentration the substantial, the art, to make possible.

program of the
art/group olga:

the art/group olga understands themselves as independent and avant-garde. the art/group olga understands themselves as and state-critically. the art/group olga refuses themselves to the neokapitalistischen compulsory exploitation and the reactionary neokonservativen life model. the art/group olga is the conviction that all art and art are everything. the art/group olga is the conviction that art is political and can and must the public be zugemutet. the art/group olga represents the extended art-understood in all its forms and colors. the art/group olga understands themselves not as mark and article, but as an idea conglomerate. the art/group olga is inhomogenous and always unfinished. the art/group olga is aggressive and revolutionary. the art/group olga understands themselves as if resisted against the grassierende beliebigkeit and holds for the dominant reflexionslosigkeit a mirror forwards.

"oblatenart bart head teller": the art / olga group takes part in this work at this year's International Pavel Jerdanowitch Painting Contest. the art / group that you know would like olga art understanding placed in the international discourse: "bart is everything - everything is bart".

work and actions of the
art/group olga

“bean head plate” oblatenart: with this picture the art/group olga takes part in the International Pavel Jerdanowitch Painting Contest. the art/group olga would like to know thereby their art understanding also in the international discourse placed: “kind is anything - anything is kind”.
“triptychon sausage main panorama”: an Africa map becomes “over old” with taken off sausage skins. ignoranz, with which the broad people political unfairness faces, as well as the bad tradition of alms is brought up for discussion instead of self-determination: for us the sausage, for which strikes others. the work is at present in frames the exhibition “arte vuota - pintura higienica” in mueso depression arti in treviso to see.

art actions in frame the series “olga remixes”: under the slogan “olga that knows better” remixen members of the art/group olga admitted works to the art again or to interpret historical events.

march 16, 2007, graz: “buried again”: at 25. the anniversary of the calibration planting joseph beuys' in Kassel (“7000 calibrates”) the art/group olga remixes the action “being buried alive” of the Austrian group of arts mono chrome: before the grazer Karl franzens university buried along songs of the art/group olga a young calibrates to make possible in order to extract in this way it from the substantial environmental pollution, in particular the grazer fine dust contamination, in order however on the other hand these calibrates a mirror-image-ritual border experience. after “15 months OF fame” is calibrates to be again excavated and in the innsbrucker gallery be moisch durably set up.

january 23, 2007, gallery boiling stone, graz: “as death the pictures explains”: at 21. the day of death joseph beuys' a member of the art/group olga beschmiert its head with fat and honey and disguises themselves as death. the visitors must leave the gallery, during which death three grant alone by the exhibition touches and which explains pictures (an exhibition of the young grazer artist marlene defebre). the immanent contradiction between living and dead subject is brought up for discussion, thus between honey and fat on the one hand and death and empties vacates on the other hand. thus places naturally also ask to the allocation of art: is art alive or dead? the answer of the conservative education middle class is to be guessed easily.

november 21, 2006, public toilet to grazer main place: “ceci n'est pas une toilet”: in the birthday rene of liking ride marks the art/group olga a particular wc in the public toilettanlage to grazer main place by the reference “ceci n'est pas un toilet” and refuses to passanten the use of this one wc's. after a police employment must the action be broken off prematurely. dominant devaluing handling of the public with art is brought up for discussion generally and modern art in the special as well as the reactionary art understanding population-divides more broadly.

october 31, 2006: “theses”: at the anniversary members of the art/group olga fasten luther'schen thesis notice 95 theses, fundamental questions the modern art theory concerning, at the door the public toilettanlage to grazer main place. after few the theses will grant removed from a cleaning strength. the complete is brought up for discussion unterrepräsenz the art in modern media. for this reason also demonstratively no pictures of the action were made (aktivist the art/group olga photographed without camera) and all sketches and materials after completion of the action destroyed.

june 13, 2006, grazer city center: “veiling”: at the birthday verhüllers christo in the early morning hours by members of the art/group olga veiling in the public area are made: parking cars, traffic signs, various small articles and a streetcar stop. the action leads to several “indicates against unknown” and in local media in detail is discussed. the art/group olga does not profess themselves collectively, however individually to did; from an indictment one refrains. on the one hand the necessity for breaking in the art into the everyday life of humans is brought up for discussion as well as on the other hand also in the modern art, as evenly with christo, prevailing penetrated to gigantomanie: .die art/group olga places a more conclusive art-understood opposite: not only a euphemistic realm day, also a euphemistic lighter can be “large” art.

update: April 27, 2007